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Established in 2005, PhotoCollective is meant a global initiative by and for amateur and professional photographers to meet.
Each participant proposes a number of themes for an upcoming session, a limited number is then randomly selected from the pool at the date of the event. Then you have a limited time to take and upload your pictures for us all to share and discuss.

Each session basically goes like this: 1) submit your themes before the event, 2) at the event date, a limited number of themes are randomly drawn from all the propositions, 3) you have 3 days to take pictures in relation, and to share them online, 4) and all the time thereafter to see what others have done.

@pclltv and you can also post your pics with the #pclltv & #pclltv_sessionnumber !

latest draw : Bubbles,revelation,windless

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event date (UTC)sessionproposals
Mar 31 2020 18:00 March drawopen themes3
Apr 28 2020 18:00 April drawopen themes0
May 26 2020 18:00 May drawopen themes0
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photos from some of the latest sessions

25/02/20 February drawBubbles,revelation,windless
28/01/20 January drawNet,love,déjà vu
17/12/19 European December drawpositive maniac,rabid,untold and wayward
26/11/19 European November drawTower,partial completeness,severed
29/10/19 European October drawtaratata,unconventional,therapeutic
24/09/19 European September drawWater,supernatural,driverless
27/08/19 European August drawbravery,Water,hurdles
30/07/19 European July drawPower,Change,cafe
25/06/19 European June drawlost,rain,pizza
28/05/19 European May drawtooth,fairy,rage
30/04/19 European April drawpasta,twilight,plates and spoons
26/03/19 European March drawjoy,duplicates,kitten
26/02/19 European February drawwell done!,luxury,sexy
29/01/19 European January drawcongratulations,fit,elevation
25/12/18 European December drawcone,trouble,bougie
27/11/18 European November drawadventure,closing,city lights
30/10/18 European October drawfantastica,a,non event
25/09/18 European September drawtechnology,tunnel,out there
28/08/18 European August drawbituminous,break,beginnings
31/07/18 European July drawstar,thigh,picnic
26/06/18 European June drawlighter,Celebration ,Reflection
12/06/18 USA June drawsimply not,do not pass,higher
29/05/18 European May drawgrand tapas,rancher,error
9/05/18 USA May drawthank you,hands up,Well done !
24/04/18 European April drawcontraste,bubble,no way!
11/04/18 USA April drawstealth,extreme,fly high
27/03/18 central March sessiondégradé,love,a fine time
20/02/18 February sessionhalibut,distance,motion
23/01/18 January sessionrabbit,boom!,leverage
19/12/17 December sessiondead,red,music

join the collective!

You only need to register for free and participate in infinite ways after.
Some like to work on their own, others like to meet before and after the theme draw, so choose what's best for you and organize what you like.

Local meetups often take place in a public space (cafe, library, ...), start with a half hour word-collecting reunion, words are then sent to us for the draw (contact us for the email), we send back the three randomly chosen ones from the complete pool of participants everywhere, and then the group usually goes out photo hunting for 1h30 to 2h before meeting up again to share their experience and shots.

The participants' photos can then be sent back to the site in order to share them with the community (you keep all rights to your photos!).

If you want to participate or organize a meetup, dont hesitate to send an email to .

Photocollective reunions were already held all over the world.
You can also check the Flickr group for older photos from the group (while waiting for full transition to this site).

Thanks to the venues who already have hosted our reunions once or more:
l'Etabli, la Ferblanterie,0000 multimedia art space, l'Ethno, salle du Terreau, brasserie des Halles de l'Ile, Fenomeno bar, les Voisins, ...

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