The photocollective is a collective initiative by and for photo amateurs and professionals to meet, share and work together.

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Wednesday March 23 17h30-18h00 GMT 2016 keywords:
1) silence
2) sablé (sandy)
3) piquant (sharp)

( Paris, Geneva, Zurich = 18h30-19h00 )

Every month we randomly select three themes or catchphrases from participants' choices and share them either online or/and in local meetups. Some like to work on their own, others like to meet for the draw and after having taken the photos, so choose what's best for you.

Local meetups usually take place in a public space (cafe, library, ...), include a half hour word-collecting reunion, words are then sent to us for the draw (contact us for the email), we send back the three randomly chosen ones from the complete pool of participants everywhere, and then the group usually goes out photo hunting for 1h30 to 2h before meeting up again to share their experience and shots.

The participants' photos can then be sent back to the site in order to share them with the community (you keep all rights to your photos!).

If you want to participate or organize a meetup, dont hesitate to send an email through our contact page.

Photocollective reunions were already held in: Iceland, Iran, Israel, Norway, Switzerland, and more to come.. ;)
You can also check the Flickr group for older photos from the group (while waiting for full transition to this site).

Session archives (click on the session date to see the pictures):

20150728 - 20150827 - 20150929 - 20151029 - 20151124 - 20151214 - 20160127 - 20160220 - 20160323 -

User galleries (click on the user name to see her/his pictures):

alejandro aviles - andrea s - chevre k - ewelina lepionko - gregory eblighatian - ingebjorg karstad - isabelle gargaros - marcello l - maria sarafi - martyna radkow - nashat n - rob b - rowan palmer - sara g - serge abramowski - steve a - tristan zand - vineet rachh - wolfgang s -

Thanks to the venues who already have hosted our reunions once or more:
l'Etabli, la Ferblanterie,0000 multimedia art space, l'Ethno, salle du Terreau, brasserie des Halles de l'Ile, Fenomeno bar, les Voisins, ... ...

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